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most of life is beautiful and worthwhile...!!! 0 Verified

13:30 Dec 23, 2012

first, I would like to thank everyone for the warm birthday wishes. And secondly, remember that despite all the unforeseen tragedy that rains... More Information » « Less Information

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703, USA

Prep Rugby Coaches are Awesome 0 Verified

13:46 Dec 21, 2012

Hard to believe St Joe's Prep Rugby Program is just 7 years old. Thx Coach McCloskey for your vision, hard work and for always keeping... More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA

Thoughtful and generous toy elves 0 Unverified

15:40 Dec 13, 2012

My daughter saved her allowance for 4 weeks to buy a music box at the toy store. We arrived at the store, her little wallet in her hand. She... More Information » « Less Information

5311 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640

Santa 'Signed' to my Child who cannot speak 0 Verified

12:29 Dec 07, 2012

By Wyoming Valley Mall I wanted to post this, because so many times people post negative things or complaints, and today I want to share a positive,... More Information » « Less Information

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703, USA

Great Friends 0 Unverified

10:14 Dec 01, 2012

Two friends showed up with meals for me and my in-laws. What a nice surprise and a lifesaver! I am a vegetarian who can't cook meat.... More Information » « Less Information

Iowa City, IA 52245, USA

Thank you Founding Fathers! 0 Verified

18:31 Nov 06, 2012

"It's Election Day 2012! And where better to exercise your constitutional right to vote than right here in Philadelphia, the place... More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA

Shout out to Mayor Cory Booker who welcomed Hurricane Victims into His House 0 Verified

13:12 Nov 05, 2012

Thanks Mayor Booker for opening your heart and home to hurricane victims to charge their phones wash up and eat. Your leadership means a lot... More Information » « Less Information

Newark, NJ, USA

The staff at Children's Hospital ER rocks! 0 Verified

13:00 Nov 05, 2012

"The staff at Children's Hospital ER rocks!" --Sam's mother Amanda CHOP, Thanks for setting Sam's broken leg! And... More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Thank you Janete Russowsky for the Amazing Photographs you share with the World 0 Verified

13:00 Nov 03, 2012

Thank you Janete Russowsky for the amazing inspiring beautiful photographs you post on Facebook to make your friends around the world happy.... More Information » « Less Information

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Avalon Library set up a mini-library at evacuation site in Bridgeton 0 Verified

11:48 Nov 02, 2012

"I would like to thank the library staff for making it possible for us to open at 1pm today. In preparation for Sandy's visit, We... More Information » « Less Information

Avalon, NJ, USA

Scott Wahl's Hurricane Information 0 Verified

11:37 Oct 31, 2012

Thanks to Avalon Information Officer Scott Wahl for keeping us informed before, during and after Sandy... We really appreciate all that you... More Information » « Less Information

Avalon, NJ, USA

Train Service Restored 0 Verified

11:12 Oct 31, 2012

Amtrak resumed limited service after the storm so we could get home now. Thanks to all the employees who worked so hard to check and clear... More Information » « Less Information

Charlottesville, VA 22902, USA

Thank you to all the police, fire & rescuers out in the storm 0 Verified

13:06 Oct 29, 2012

Thanks to all you brave guys who put their own safety on the line for others. We appreciate it. Coast guard, National Guard, Red Cross,... More Information » « Less Information

Atlantic City, NJ, USA

thank God for my family, for our health, and for teaching me how to love 0 Verified

13:30 Oct 21, 2012

Well yesterday was a busy day. Tommy and I had our annual fall gathering. The grand kids get to choose their pumpkin from our small pumpkin... More Information » « Less Information

Connerville, OK 74856, USA

Jen Stout & Families First helped pull her out of homelessness 0 Verified

11:52 Oct 08, 2012

Former homeless woman who identified herself only as Lynn said she lived outside for around a year before moving into the Margeson Apartments,... More Information » « Less Information

Portsmouth, USA

THX Liz Wahl & Steamboat Springs for Zero Waste 0 Verified

13:43 Oct 06, 2012

Liz Wahl spearheaded ZERO WASTE initiative in this resort community, has been honored for her long standing & wide reaching impact. Making... More Information » « Less Information

Steamboat Springs, CO 80487, USA

Sharing knowledge 0 Verified

11:52 Oct 04, 2012

Thanks to the couple who stopped in the middle of photographing grasshoppers to show us a special one and shared a sense of wonder over local... More Information » « Less Information

Cape May, NJ 08204, USA

21 Countries represented on our World Gratitude map so far. Thank you! 0 Verified

17:15 Oct 01, 2012

WOW more than 21 Countries & 6 continents represented on our World Gratitude map so far. That'sa lot of gratitude! Thank you, United... More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, PA USA

Thank you for a wonderful experience and for keeping me safe 0 Verified

13:28 Aug 10, 2012

thank you to all my host families, friends, acquaintances, and Japanese people in general for making my student exchange a wonderful and memorable... More Information » « Less Information

Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

Thx for sending me NYTimes article on the Health Benefits of Gratitude. 0 Verified

12:34 Nov 22, 2011

Thanks for sending me this great article about the health benefits of gratitude, and how to cultivate a more grateful attitude. "Cultivating... More Information » « Less Information

charlottesville, VA

Thank you to my friend 0 Verified

13:27 Nov 03, 2011

my friends have always been their for me at school the most so i wanted to say thank you guys so much i love you More Information » « Less Information

lutz fl learning gates school

An unexpected ride as I was running late 0 Verified

01:47 Aug 19, 2011

Nothing resets the tone of a day like a kind surprise. Thank you for stopping and offering a lift - especially since you had to move the car... More Information » « Less Information

Bus stop, philadelphia, pa, usa

helpful passenger 0 Verified

13:14 Aug 18, 2011

Who helped a man with his baby by carrying the stroller off the bus for him, not even her stop. More Information » « Less Information

philadelphia, PA, USA

Mini-blinds/sheers, true blood, extended warranties, novacaine, reading 0 Verified

10:10 Aug 18, 2011

I'm thankful for mini-blinds and sheers, true blood, extended warranties, novacaine, and the ability to read. More Information » « Less Information

philadelphia, PA, USA

2 wonderful men who ran to my aid 1 Verified

13:03 Aug 16, 2011

spent the morning in the e.r. fell in a parking lot downtown cinci. didn't see the big freakin pothole. 3 sprains - left ankle, right knee,... More Information » « Less Information

cinncinatti, Ohio, united states

Thanks Mayor Nutter for leadership on thwarting mobs 0 Verified

13:14 Aug 14, 2011

Love this FB post from Mayor Nutter "Had a great time bowling with about 400 young Philadelphians at Erie Lanes last night, and then got... More Information » « Less Information


I am all Mac... computers shipping to my home as I type. Couldn't be more happy. 0 Verified

13:10 Aug 14, 2011

Thanks to an enlightening group of young men I work with... I have just become fed up with my evil ways. I am all Mac... computers shipping... More Information » « Less Information

kansas city, ks

Paul's Bunny Rabbit Cookie Jar 0 Verified

10:52 Aug 13, 2011

Paul's 'hostess gift' was a big hit. Thanks, Paul. Can't wait to fill er up. More Information » « Less Information

avalon, nj

Thanks for the ride 0 Verified

01:26 Aug 12, 2011

So nice when a friend offers you a ride More Information » « Less Information

New Jersey

Thanks to Morgan's anonymous blood donors 0 Verified

13:14 Aug 10, 2011

Thanks to all the folk giving blood so Morgan can have her transfusions at Children's Hospital. More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, PA

Special thanks to a special friend (Tracey for President!) 0 Verified

13:09 Aug 10, 2011

Special thanks to a special friend. Tracey is a force of nature, supersmart & hilarious. She inspires great loyalty cause she's herself... More Information » « Less Information

Dallas, TX

Thanks for Gratitude map! 0 Verified

01:37 Aug 07, 2011

Imagining thankfulness across the globe is such a tonic More Information » « Less Information


Guatemala School welcomes helpers 0 Verified

16:22 Aug 05, 2011

YAY! Plans are set. The Canterbury School Welcomes St Peter's Church this August for school improvements & cultural exchange. Thanks... More Information » « Less Information


Thankful for pleasant bus driver in the morning 0 Verified

01:27 Aug 05, 2011

A "good morning" starts the day on the right foot More Information » « Less Information


Thanks Kate for helping me with this map! 0 Verified

16:38 Aug 04, 2011

Kate helped me set up this gratitude map. More Information » « Less Information


Hiked farther than I thought I could: thanks for the encouragement 0 Verified

23:37 Jul 16, 2011

Thanks to friends' encouragement I pushed myself and exceeded my expectations More Information » « Less Information

charlottesville, VA

Thanks to distant family for reaching out 0 Verified

10:06 Jun 15, 2011

After my mother died my cousins invited me to come stay with them in France. They also wrote the sweetest note about why she was special. More Information » « Less Information

normany, france

Meal 0 Verified

19:02 Dec 24, 2010

Good Meal with friends! More Information » « Less Information

Bristol, Kings Parade

Thanks for the hand knitted socks Irina! 0 Verified

13:51 Dec 23, 2010

Nothing says I'm thinking of you like warm wool hand knitted socks I was SO HAPPY when they came in the mail. More Information » « Less Information

moscow, russia

Ryan Gosling 0 Unverified

23:39 Oct 15, 2009

Ryan Gosling & Zach Shields hired the St. Peter's youth choir to accompany their rock opera Dead Man's Bones at Le Poisson Rouge... More Information » « Less Information

Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012, USA

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