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13:44 Jan 01, 2013

Today, it's an important day in Life for all the humans of the Earth. Some people in Europe, In Chine etc they have already live their... More Information » « Less Information


Thank you Lydia! 0 Unverified

13:43 Jan 01, 2013

I am grateful to my client and friend who got me a gratitude journal for the new year. Thank you Lydia!!! More Information » « Less Information

Austin, TX, USA

I am grateful for my family and friends 0 Unverified

13:43 Jan 01, 2013

Life is so much brighter sharing it with them! More Information » « Less Information

Wilsonville, Oregon

Thank you 0 Unverified

13:43 Jan 01, 2013

I am grateful for having a loving wife and daughter, for having loving family and friends, and for all of our health. More Information » « Less Information

Whitestone, NY

Thank you everyone! 0 Verified

13:42 Jan 01, 2013

I love this world as long as there are optimistic minded people. More Information » « Less Information

Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Eternally grateful 0 Unverified

13:41 Jan 01, 2013

Thank you father for I am eternally blessed. More Information » « Less Information


God Is Good 0 Unverified

13:41 Jan 01, 2013

Three days before Christmas, I moved into a condo left to me by my aunt. I had to evict the tenants who were squatting, and they left in the... More Information » « Less Information


A good friend 0 Unverified

13:41 Jan 01, 2013

My friend Emeka has helped me through bad times and celebrated the good. I love him immensely and I am so grateful to have met him. More Information » « Less Information

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Thankful for rental income to pay bills 0 Unverified

13:41 Jan 01, 2013

We found an awesome third person to share the house so the bills need not be split 50/50 but rather 1/3. And it happened so fast! Thank you,... More Information » « Less Information


getting out of the house 0 Unverified

13:40 Jan 01, 2013

I was thrilled that my friend Paul asked me to go to a coffee house in town to see his lovely daughter sing... I never go out and it was two... More Information » « Less Information

Alliance, OH 44601, USA

ThankYou!Thank You! 0 Unverified

13:40 Jan 01, 2013

Just read about your project on Yahoo and so gratefull for Ms. Lewis and all associated with this project and people reacting to it. I'm... More Information » « Less Information

Venice, Italy

Just grateful 0 Verified

13:39 Jan 01, 2013

I'm grateful to my family, friends, pets, and all the good people in this world. More Information » « Less Information

Montville, CT, USA

Thank You Mom 0 Unverified

13:38 Jan 01, 2013

All my younger years I never wanted to be like you - NOW...I am happy to be like you...kind, graceful and loving. - Susan More Information » « Less Information

Virginia, USA

I ran out of gas! 0 Unverified

13:37 Jan 01, 2013

I was traveling down state to visit my love for new years and I ran out of gas. I walked almost two miles in the blistering cold and found... More Information » « Less Information

Clarkston, MI

i am grateful for this website 0 Unverified

13:37 Jan 01, 2013

woke up feeling sad for the world and having my own pitty party. came across this article which transformed my energy into a hopeful and stronger... More Information » « Less Information

main street and center, Heber Utah 84032

Grateful for marchall to start the new year 0 Unverified

13:36 Jan 01, 2013

I am grateful that my husband went over to the pasture beside our cottage and put a torch on Qi's grave so that I can see it and remember... More Information » « Less Information

Varnhem, Sweden

My cousin Amanda 0 Unverified

13:35 Jan 01, 2013

Thankful for my cousin, who like many others are away from home and their loved ones. Love you cousin! More Information » « Less Information

Misawa, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

Thank God for the children! 0 Unverified

13:34 Jan 01, 2013

I'm grateful for my children: they brighten our days. I'm grateful for my parents: they've sacrificed so much to raise us. I... More Information » « Less Information

Vung Tau, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, Vietnam

I found this website! 0 Verified

13:33 Jan 01, 2013

I was reading an article on Yahoo which led me here. Knowing this exists makes me VERY HAPPY!!! I will be sure to post on it regularly.... More Information » « Less Information

Truckee, Ca. USA

13 is my lucky number 0 Verified

13:33 Jan 01, 2013

I'm amazingly grateful for my family, job, and home. I have healthy kids, a loving husband, a roof over my head and food to eat. More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, TN 37846, USA

Home 0 Unverified

13:33 Jan 01, 2013

I am grateful that I have a home to sleep in, food on the table, my children and grandchild and a husband who keeps all of it together. Thank... More Information » « Less Information


Living Life Deliberately! 0 Verified

13:32 Jan 01, 2013

Grateful & Thankful for another moment of living this beautiful & wonderful Life! The ability to create memories that when remembered... More Information » « Less Information

San Antonio, TX, USA

Thankful for friends and family 0 Verified

13:31 Jan 01, 2013

I am so thankful for my wonderful friends and family. Especially my fiance Marshall who always makes me laugh and smile, my parents who are... More Information » « Less Information

Fort Collins, CO, USA

Grateful to the guy at Real Foods who finally got my account straightened out. 0 Unverified

13:31 Jan 01, 2013

After a year of trying, I got my customer account straightened out (and $20 worth of coupons!!!) thanks to the patience & attention of the... More Information » « Less Information

Polk Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

Start of a new year 0 Unverified

13:30 Jan 01, 2013

1. Gym was open. 2. Bakery was open. 3. Made deposits for my children. More Information » « Less Information

Staten Island, NY

2013. A year full of good lessons 0 Verified

13:29 Jan 01, 2013

The continous search of new horizons, works and surprising people after changing my work in 2012, have driven me to meet beautiful, kind and... More Information » « Less Information

Montevideo, Uruguay

Grateful 0 Unverified

13:29 Jan 01, 2013

Grateful for our health, our job and a great family! More Information » « Less Information

Clovis, NM, USA

Gratitude for wonderful family 0 Unverified

13:28 Jan 01, 2013

I am blessed with a wonderful supportive husband and 5 glorious children. Thank you all for the love that you show me on a daily basis More Information » « Less Information

thomaston ga

From Stranded to Upgrade 0 Unverified

13:27 Jan 01, 2013

So grateful to the US Airways agent that decided to upgrade us to first class when we were stranded and trying to fly standby. We had missed... More Information » « Less Information

Phoenix, AZ

Thank You 0 Verified

13:26 Jan 01, 2013

Thank you to my son Jim and all the others serving in Iraq, and around the world. We are blessed to be in a free country! More Information » « Less Information

Kansas City

I am greatful for sobriety 1 Unverified

13:26 Jan 01, 2013

After a years long struggle with alcohol abuse I can proudly state that I am officially 2 months sober as of today (61days). Thank you our lord... More Information » « Less Information

Kansas City

Kindness in Dallas, Texas 0 Unverified

13:22 Jan 01, 2013

I landed in Dallas exactly 28 years ago from India to attend University. I had written a letter to International student ofice to assist me... More Information » « Less Information

Santa Clara

My wife 0 Unverified

13:20 Jan 01, 2013

I am so greatful for my wife's positive attitude and how it influences me to let go of negative emotions and feel good More Information » « Less Information

Sacramento, CA, USA

Thankful in Tucson AZ 0 Verified

13:19 Jan 01, 2013

Starting the New Year off right ! Thank you to the 4 people who offered me jobs last year and the 3 that hired me. To my friend who got me to... More Information » « Less Information


Got him back! 0 Verified

13:19 Jan 01, 2013

After six months of having a cat gone missing, I was sure he was gone for good! Then I get a FB message from a stranger who said he was behind... More Information » « Less Information

Harvey, ND 58341, USA

Grateful for Jesus Christ 0 Unverified

13:19 Jan 01, 2013

King of kings, Lord of lords..Praise God for the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Thank you, Lord for my salvation. Praise Him More Information » « Less Information


grateful to help 0 Unverified

13:19 Jan 01, 2013

Grateful i am blessed with the ability to help one of my employees out and then see him turn around and help someone else. More Information » « Less Information

Davenport, IA, USA

Parents! 0 Unverified

13:18 Jan 01, 2013

I am grateful for my parents, Ken Beaty and Carol Ramsey Brown. They were always pretty good parents, but as it turns out, they are wonderful... More Information » « Less Information

Lake Cumberland, Bronston, KY, U.S.A.

thank you 0 Unverified

13:17 Jan 01, 2013

for the beauty all around More Information » « Less Information


My Cotton is Tall 0 Unverified

13:16 Jan 01, 2013

Wow! I am so grateful I can hardly believe it. After getting Tagged by a Hit and Run Driver, Dying three times, being in a coma for a month,... More Information » « Less Information

Cottageville, SC

My life is full of blessings! 0 Unverified

13:16 Jan 01, 2013

Thank you, God, for good health, wonderful family and friends, a beautiful home, financial security, and time to enjoy all of it! I feel like... More Information » « Less Information

Roscommon, MI 48653, USA

My new job 0 Verified

13:15 Jan 01, 2013

I am grateful and thankful for my new job and the wonderful people there. More Information » « Less Information

Montrose CO

A special thank you 0 Verified

13:15 Jan 01, 2013

My son and I baked cookies for our favourite Tim Horton's employee. More Information » « Less Information

Tim Horton's Chestermere


13:14 Jan 01, 2013



My family 0 Unverified

13:14 Jan 01, 2013

Everyone has their immediate families and we're all thankful and grateful for those family members. But I'd also like to say that... More Information » « Less Information

Canton, NY 13617, USA

Astrology Thank You 0 Unverified

13:14 Jan 01, 2013

I'm extremely grateful for the work that Susan Miller does with her Astrology charts and I'd like to say thank you. More Information » « Less Information

New York

Thank you, Leo Fender! 0 Verified

13:13 Jan 01, 2013

There is a beautiful Stratocaster in my living room. I've had it for years and I love to play it. I'm even kinda good at it. :-) More Information » « Less Information

Huntsville, AL, USA

RICK R. KLATT 0 Verified

13:13 Jan 01, 2013



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