Santa 'Signed' to my Child who cannot speak

12:29 Dec 7 2012 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703, USA

Santa 'Signed' to my Child who cannot speak
By Wyoming Valley Mall
I wanted to post this, because so many times people post negative things or complaints, and today I want to share a positive, wonderful experience thanks to "Santa". Yesterday we were at the mall and my boys went to see Santa, my younger son has verbal apraxia, and cannot speak. His brother usually does his speaking for him in cases like this. As my son was leaving, he signed "thank you" to Santa, little did we know, santa knew sign language. For once he could communicate just like everyone else. It was so wonderful to see that. Santa actually spoke with me for a minute, and we all walked away knowing that Santa had been a blessing to us that day. We had never seen him there before, but I hope that we will see this "santa" every year from now on. I dont know if anyone actually reads this, but if you do I want to say Thank You. Yesterday you gave my son something he hasnt had and that is "a voice". I can only imagine how many children could benefit from from this. Merry Christmas, and if Santa should read this, our family will pray for continued blessings and we will be thankful that our paths crossed. Thank you!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas
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