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Thank you 0 Verified

23:12 Mar 29, 2021

I am thankful for waking up today and being able to live another day on this Earth. More Information » « Less Information


Lauren 0 Verified

22:03 Apr 15, 2020

I am grateful for the spring weather and the ability to fill daily commute time by going for a walk each day after work. More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Laura 0 Verified

22:02 Apr 15, 2020

I am also grateful for technology. It enables me to not only keep in touch with, but even see, my kids who are literally thousands of miles... More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Deborah 0 Verified

22:02 Apr 15, 2020

I am grateful for my furbaby Baylor who has been my new "coworker" providing support, laughs, and love during work from home. And... More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Helen 0 Verified

22:01 Apr 15, 2020

I am grateful that people care enough to practice social distancing. More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Andrea 0 Verified

21:59 Apr 15, 2020

I am grateful for my health - during this time it is so important and I feel so grateful to have it. More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

First Contact 0 Verified

06:24 Mar 15, 2020

I had a moment today, which I'm forever grateful for because it helped me figure out how to get a little closer to my definition of "spirituality".... More Information » « Less Information

Oakland, CA

Gratitude for my sister 0 Verified

01:25 Mar 14, 2020

In the midst of self quarantining due to Covid-19 outbreak, my sister supports me in my efforts to help my elderly mom to maintain connection... More Information » « Less Information

5 Lawrence Rd

Turtle Murphy Brown helped me out during some rough times 0 Verified

12:53 Feb 23, 2020

"Happy FIFTH birthday to my love, Murphy Brown Jr! When I first got her, she was in a lot of pain. She suffered from an eye infection due... More Information » « Less Information

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Random acts of kindness 0 Verified

14:23 Feb 17, 2020

There are almost daily reports on the Derry NH Facebook Page of people paying restaurant tabs for others, whether individuals, or entire families.... More Information » « Less Information

Derry, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, 03038, United States of America

Manitobah keeping tradition alive 0 Verified

14:35 Jan 28, 2020

Thanks for keeping native culture alive to revive the traditional arts and create business-building partnerships with elders and artisans who... More Information » « Less Information

Republic of Manitobah Park, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

the guys who saved the stick bug from extinction 0 Verified

13:09 Nov 26, 2019

2 Australian scientists climbed a remote rocky island to discover and rescue the last 24 stick insects surviving on a single shrub. More Information » « Less Information

Ball's Pyramid, New South Wales, Australia

Headed to the beach with my fam! 0 Verified

14:32 Jul 13, 2019

Grateful for summer vacation and the beach. More Information » « Less Information

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Grateful to my Yoga Teacher 0 Verified

19:42 Jun 08, 2019

I'm grateful to my yoga teacher Andrea of Amethyst Yoga in Willow Grove for the past year of yoga sessions. They have lowered my overall... More Information » « Less Information

Willow Grove, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 19090, USA

Joan Lewis, our Inspiration 0 Verified

11:15 Jun 05, 2019

NBC called her the "Patron Saint of Resilience". Today's the 83d birthday of Joan Lewis, the remarkable women whose life and... More Information » « Less Information


Helping Kids in Need of Dads 0 Verified

12:54 Apr 22, 2019

Kind Hearts has a two fold mission. We try to help dads who are disconnected from their children and try to help kids who have lost a dad. More Information » « Less Information

Norristown, PA 19403

Kat Kalugin 0 Verified

12:20 Apr 13, 2019

Kat's building a new subscription service around inspiration! "You are Amazing" Thanks for helping us see the good and keep our... More Information » « Less Information

Aurora, Marion County, Oregon, USA

Chris Long NFL's Walter Payton Man of the Year. 0 Verified

14:58 Feb 03, 2019

"Chris has done a remarkable job of leveraging his platform as a professional athlete to create life-changing opportunities for so many... More Information » « Less Information

Atlanta Georgia, USA

Chris Long NFL's Walter Payton Man of the Year. 0 Verified

14:58 Feb 03, 2019

"Chris has done a remarkable job of leveraging his platform as a professional athlete to create life-changing opportunities for so many... More Information » « Less Information

Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, USA

grateful for this miracle I have been given ♻️ 0 Verified

14:54 Feb 03, 2019

Went for my transplant clinic this morning. My regular doctors didn't come to W-B today. I saw a nephrologist who has come out of retirement... More Information » « Less Information

Luzerne County

God's Blessings 0 Verified

00:56 Jan 07, 2019

I am grateful for my job, my family, my friends, and my church community. More Information » « Less Information

Houston, Texas, 77042, USA

Grateful! 0 Verified

21:24 Jan 04, 2019

Grateful for God's love and His Son Jesus who died that I might live forever in Heaven. More Information » « Less Information

Corner of Fairfield Drive and Route 50

Attitude of Gratitude in Naperville 0 Verified

14:38 Jan 02, 2019

An ovarian cancer diagnosis at the end of 2017 rocked our world. 2019 will be better! Thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow! More Information » « Less Information


My Ohana 0 Verified

01:01 Dec 31, 2018

"This is My family. It's small, a little broken, but still good." For all of life's trials and tribulation a strong family... More Information » « Less Information

Mission Viejo

Gratitude 0 Verified

14:18 Dec 30, 2018

I am thankful for my Christian friends that help me to continue grow in my faith, and serve our Lord, one person at a time. Ellen, Judy, Joyce,... More Information » « Less Information

1717 East Hackamore Street

Regina! 0 Verified

15:26 Dec 24, 2018

Regina D is my fave college friend.She is smart, funny and endlessly kind. So fun! Lucky us. More Information » « Less Information

New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA

Denny 0 Verified

14:10 Dec 11, 2018

Remembering Denny - a great guy with a big heart. A Redskins fan. Generous. Kind. Funny. Thank you for helping my kid even as you struggled... More Information » « Less Information

Fort Lincoln Cemetery

RT @EddieConnorJr: Despite what you've been throug... 0 Verified

18:15 Nov 22, 2018

RT @EddieConnorJr: Despite what you've been through this thankful that you're still here! Maintain an attitude of gratitude... More Information » « Less Information

opening their homes 0 Verified

16:05 Nov 21, 2018

What do these two men have in common? Every Thanksgiving each opens his home, without judgment, to any soul or stranger who needs a place to... More Information » « Less Information


My Dad 0 Verified

19:34 Nov 20, 2018

I'm thankful that my dad left to go to the liquor store and never came back! More Information » « Less Information

Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas, USA

Grateful for LEADERSHIP Keepers 0 Verified

13:39 Nov 20, 2018

Grateful for youmg leaders, using their powers to make life better for everyone. These Philadelphia KEEPERS are the young connectors, doers,... More Information » « Less Information

Lincoln Financial Field

Network of Support 0 Verified

04:07 Nov 08, 2018

I am grateful for the endlessly supportive network of friends and loved ones in my life. Mom, Dad, Liv, Sophie, Fletcher, Rooks, Tanya, Kayla... More Information » « Less Information

Portland, OR

I love my friends and family 0 Verified

14:11 Sep 05, 2018

I spent the whole weekend spending time with my family even playing outside with my younger siblings (I brought bubbles for them to play with),... More Information » « Less Information

Mercy McAuley High School, 6000, Oakwood Avenue, College Hill, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, 45224, USA

I love my mom! 0 Verified

18:43 Aug 31, 2018

Forever grateful for the woman I am honored to call my mother. She got a promotion today at her job of 15 years! Extremely happy for and proud... More Information » « Less Information

6000 Oakwood Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio

Julia Strimer Chelsea Retirement Community 0 Verified

13:33 Aug 13, 2018

Julia Strimer is the kind of woman who shops for inspiring posters, buys them for her local community resource center, and then takes the time... More Information » « Less Information

805, West Middle Street, Chelsea, Washtenaw County, Michigan, 48118, United States of America

RT @Alyssa_Milano: Rest In Peace, Heather. Today,... 0 Verified

13:29 Aug 13, 2018

RT @Alyssa_Milano: Rest In Peace, Heather. Today, my heart goes out to all who loved her. With respect and gratitude. More Information » « Less Information

Firefighters in California + Shelbie's dad 0 Verified

13:43 Jul 28, 2018

"When we see the helpers we know there's hope" The #CarrFire and numerous other fires blaze across California and these firefighters... More Information » « Less Information

Reddng, Calirfornia

Mrs. Lamb 0 Verified

13:21 Jul 28, 2018

Kindest person I know. She has intervened in crimes and saved a stranger with CPR. More Information » « Less Information


sober for 20 months 0 Verified

12:30 Jul 28, 2018

recovery is hard but healthy is good: live to fight another day. More Information » « Less Information

Los Angeles

Donkeys in trousers 0 Verified

12:25 Jul 28, 2018

YAY for people making custom pants for Donkeys so they don't get bitten by flies or mosquitoes. "What’s the solution for a... More Information » « Less Information

Puslinch, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada

In the midst of devastating loss, Topeka families reflect on gratitude</b> for survival 0 Verified

03:29 Jul 28, 2018

Debris from a home explosion July 19 at 1331 S.W. High Ave. damaged two neighboring homes, leaving all three houses unlivable. [Chris Neal/The ... More Information » « Less Information

Topeka, Kansas

Living the Good life. #jivaspiritual #seethebeauty#beyourself #seethelight #seethegood #bekind #begoodtoyourself @…



Living the Good life. #jivaspiritual #seethebeauty#beyourself #seethelight #seethegood #bekind #begoodtoyourself @… 0 Verified

13:35 Jul 25, 2018

Living the Good life. #jivaspiritual #seethebeauty#beyourself #seethelight #seethegood #bekind #begoodtoyourself @… More Information » « Less Information

Dege Habur, Somali, +252, ኢ.ፌ.ዲ.ሪ.

Gracias a mis profesores 0 Verified

12:46 Jun 23, 2018

Gracias a mis profesores por el esfuerzo para hacer de mí mejor persona More Information » « Less Information

Granada, Andalusia, Spain

Chris Long doing good at a grade school 0 Verified

11:18 May 02, 2018

Chris Long founded Waterboys to leverage his power to builds wells. Yesterday he popped in this classroom to surprise a 4th grade class who... More Information » « Less Information

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States of America

Grateful on Twitter 0 Verified

14:18 Apr 12, 2018

Be Grateful: #GRATITUDE TURNS WHAT WE HAVE INTO #ENOUGH ============================= Tag… More Information » « Less Information

Rivers, Nigeria

helping look for my lost notes 0 Verified

17:47 Apr 10, 2018

Anne-Marie Downes' bag was stolen in Durham yesterday with nearly all her notes and work for finals: She posted a treet: "I'm... More Information » « Less Information

Oxford, Oxfordshire, South East, England, United Kingdom

Helping single moms 0 Verified

19:40 Dec 28, 2017

A neighbor offered a Christmas meal to a single mom through social media. This resulted in members of our community pulling together to help... More Information » « Less Information

H9R 1W 6 Canada

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