Grateful for LEADERSHIP Keepers

13:39 Nov 20 2018 Lincoln Financial Field

Grateful for LEADERSHIP Keepers Grateful for LEADERSHIP Keepers
Grateful for youmg leaders, using their powers to make life better for everyone.

These Philadelphia KEEPERS are the young connectors, doers, and visionaries Philadelphia can’t afford to lose. Thank you for being all in! -Jackie Lewis. Special Shout out to Keepers Alumni Panel Speakers Chris Wink, Hanniyah Sharpe Brown and Kellan White. Way to lead! Way to give back.

2019 LEADERSHIP Keepers
Baker Blanding
Brittany Borden
Andre Brown
Liz Brown
Sarah Carter
David Colangelo
Keenan Corrigan
Michelle Currica
Mike Darfler
George Donnelly
Rana Fayez
Terrell Green
Rachel Greenberg
Janell Harmon
Nathaniel Hedman
Megan Helzner
Brenda Hernandez
Morris Hobson
Geremi James
Brandon Johnson
Christopher Johnson
Imani Johnson
Kristin Johnson
Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman
Brittnie Knight
Earl Knight
Devon Laudenslager
Mubarak Lawrence
Alexandra Leggett
Jeanette Lloyd
Mike Logsdon
Christina May
Takia McClendon
Kevin McCorry
Briana Morgan
Naima Murphy
Waffiyyah Murray
Keaton Nichols
Emeka Oguh
Hoa Pham
Meagan Pharis
Mjumbe Poe
Heather Qader
Alex Reinhard
Jordan Rogers
Michael Sanford
Rachel Santinsky
Hardik Savalia
Natalia Serejko
Daniel Siryakov
Ray Smergilio
Rashni Stanford
Ross Staszak
Jon Tehrani
Roberto Torres
Jason Tucker
Mason Wartman
Margy Wilcox
Ronethea Williams
Jacob Winterstein
V. Amanda Witts
Karin Wolok
Rachel Yoder
Kate Zmich
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