New Year - New Beginning

09:53 Jan 1 2019 Eagle Point, Jackson County, Oregon, 97524, USA

Grateful and thankful
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Why I'm glad: I am so happy to find that gratitude is so important in the world! I know it can pull me out of a deep dark trench when I can shift my focus from my own situation to someone or something else I can help. Today I am grateful for new beginnings and learning to let go of the past. Past regrets and things that never were, letting go of things that will never be. Everything is as God has planned and whatever I mess up He can turn it around and use it for good.
I'd like to thank: God for speaking to my heart, to get my attention to stop living or reflecting on the past and just let it go. Today is the present, I need to focus here before I lose this precious time I've been given.
This gives me hope: to see so many people sharing encouraging things in a world where back-stabbing and maliciousness are so prevalent.
Something good I saw today: My husband who knows how to keep in touch with friends and family afar. He is making phone calls today just to catch up with those he hasn't spoken to in a while.

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