bus driver feeds homeless

03:33 Feb 25 2015 Seattle, King County, Washington, United States of America

"I've often said if I was homeless I go to a warm area where food grew on trees! But as I've traveled the US I have to rate Seattle, WA number 1. I was taking a bus back to the airport one night and the driver had bags lined across the dashboard. She made 8 stops in the downtown area, to closed storefronts to give her 8 people their "dinner". They just lay waiting for her to hand them the bag! Room service!!!"
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Bill Gates

20:31 Apr 24, 2014

Seattle, King County, Washington, United States of America, 0 Kms

helping us leave the park cleaner then we found it

16:20 Apr 23, 2017

Seattle, 0 Kms

Glad I reconnected with an old friend

11:57 Aug 07, 2011

seattle, WA, 0.3 Kms

warm bed and a roof over my head.

12:11 Nov 22, 2011

Seattle, Washington, 0.3 Kms