My children and their children.are "my life"

11:07 Aug 26 2014 Kingston, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

My children are "my life" and their children. So much joy throughout the years from each of them. Adam..."Mr. Personality" from little league to football, talent shows in high school, Mr. Sparta (can't leave that out), PSU, and currently adding to our family the Mother of my precious granddaughter Kim P. who is like another daughter to me and a friend and her beautiful little boy...Grayson who calls me his "MEMA". Then came SCARLETT first granddaughter Just look at my photos...
Caitlin has had me to so many softball fields and tournaments my head spins trying to put them in order. Playing from the time she was in 2nd grade(?) when she broke her wrist until she became pregnant with Aiden. Travel teams, high school, pitching, fall, winter, spring & summer. She delivered Aiden in March of her Senior year and joined her team in playoffs and even pitched just weeks later. My daughter is STRONG...mentally & physically and I love that about her She has two simply amazing boys...Aiden my #1 and Julian(JUBEAN) my #2. You can fall in love and lose your mind in the same moment with these two You see...we love each other from...the bottom of the ocean past the stars.
3) Ali is my quiet, mysterious and gorgeous girl Very much like her Dad, she doesn't complain much but, does her own thing. She is a talented artist who doesn't brag. She reveals herself more to me than anyone else in the family so, I can't say too much here. My children are spread apart by years but, I feel they have a mutual respect for one another and ENJOY time spent together as a family.
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