Kindness in WalMart

13:14 Jan 2 2013 Blue Springs, MO

I just wanted to share a Christmas experience with you. I am SO grateful for my wonderful Loving Family, and for the innate goodness in people, that it takes so little to awaken. My beautiful, wonderful, granddaughter took a Christmas gift card to WalMart to buy much needed groceries for her and her family and as she was standing in line to pay for her few essentials, a family in front of her was trying to buy Christmas dinner. After swiping several cards through the machine they were still 20 dollars short. The lady started telling the cashier to put some groceries back. That is when my granddaughter took her gift card and handed it to the cashier and said "Put the groceries in her cart I will pay for them." After a big thank you and a "Merry Christmas" from the couple, It was then her turn to pay for her own groceries and she came up short ...without missing a beat the cashier said "Wait here a minute." After being gone for about 5 to 10 minutes she came back and swiped her own card and paid the difference for my daughter's groceries. She said to her. "God saw what you did for a total strangers family and wants to help you out too." Just goes to show you that there are still wonderful people out there. Even at Walmart!
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