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My mom just made me laugh so hard 0 Verified

13:58 Aug 19, 2014

My mom who is always there for me just made me laugh so hard and still laughing. Thanks mom More Information » « Less Information


WFP feeding one million people 0 Verified

11:49 Aug 19, 2014

Grateful to the WFP and WHO for coordinating to feed one million people in Ebola-impacted West Africa. The logistics and resources are daunting.... More Information » « Less Information

Dakar, Dakar Region, Senegal

Cokie van der Velde 0 Verified

18:13 Aug 18, 2014

Grateful for medical heroes like Cokie van der Velde. So so brave. "a British sanitation specialist for Doctors Without Borders in Guekedou,... More Information » « Less Information


close call 0 Verified

16:56 Aug 18, 2014

wow that was a close call I'm glad I mustered the reflexes to avoid an accident when that car came head on into my path. More Information » « Less Information

Fort Washington

love my blue jeans 0 Verified

16:32 Aug 18, 2014

yay for blue jeans. Grateful to Levi Strauss for inventing them in 1873--then not messing much with perfection. "Jeans are "the... More Information » « Less Information

Laguna Niguel, Orange County, California, United States of America

Bob Hyland 0 Verified

15:52 Aug 17, 2014

As Taney Dragons hit the big time in the Little League World Series we remember the best coach ever-Mr. Baseball himself. "We remember... More Information » « Less Information

Lamade Stadium

baseball moms. dads, coaches, 0 Verified

15:29 Aug 17, 2014

"Alex Rice and Steve Bandura (and the other coaches leading Taney Little League 12U in the Little League World Series) represent so many... More Information » « Less Information

Taney Park

beach plum jam 0 Verified

12:31 Aug 17, 2014

I don't know which delighted me more-that Rose thoughtfully sent me a pot of beach plum jam? That she'd made it herself from "beach... More Information » « Less Information


Medecins Sans Frontiers & WHO 0 Verified

12:08 Aug 17, 2014

"In the four countries hit so far, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria, the (Ebola) virus has infected some 140 or 150 healthcare... More Information » « Less Information

Sierra Leone

3 things 0 Verified

02:33 Aug 17, 2014

I wake up every single day grateful for my good health, my friends and family, and a safe and peaceful community, so I'm going to try to... More Information » « Less Information

South Glastonbury

World Humanitarian Day 0 Verified

18:33 Aug 16, 2014

August 19 is World Humanitarian Day—a time to remember those who lost their lives in the course of serving others and a time to celebrate... More Information » « Less Information

United Nations

lime plant 0 Verified

17:37 Aug 16, 2014

"Here's to you lime plant for making this the best Mount Gay and tonic I have ever had." More Information » « Less Information

Villanova, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States of America

free email 0 Verified

22:00 Aug 15, 2014

It's free and easy to use and maybe we take it for granted but grateful for email- the workhorse of my day-lets me connect with people... More Information » « Less Information


birthplace of James Brown 0 Verified

19:57 Aug 04, 2014

Grateful to birthplace of James Brown-and to James Brown for a lifetime of entertainment and epic dances moves. Get on up! More Information » « Less Information

Elko, Barnwell County, South Carolina, United States of America

health care workers braving Ebola 0 Verified

19:44 Aug 04, 2014

thankful for intrepid, dedicated medical teams who care for patient with Ebola and other infectious disease, risking exposure without regard... More Information » « Less Information


health care workers braving Ebola 0 Verified

19:44 Aug 04, 2014

thankful for medical teams who care for patient with Ebola and other infectious disease, risking exposure without regard of personal safety. More Information » « Less Information


health care workers braving Ebola 0 Verified

19:44 Aug 04, 2014

thankful for medical teams who care for patient with Ebola and other infectious disease, risking exposure without regard of personal safety. More Information » « Less Information


protecting uncontacted tribes 0 Verified

19:39 Aug 01, 2014

grateful to Survival International protecting uncontacted tribes including those who emerged from the jungle near the Peru Brazil border in... More Information » « Less Information

Envira, AM, North Region, Brazil


18:20 Jul 18, 2014

Grateful for the beautiful and mysterious phoographs of Caleb Charland whch lie at the intersection of Science & Art. “The most beautiful... More Information » « Less Information

Brewer, Penobscot County, Maine,

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games 0 Verified

12:09 Jul 17, 2014

YAY for Unicef Glasgow's effort to "make sure that the Commonwealth’s poorest and most excluded children also come first." More Information » « Less Information


Jane McCormick #PutChildrenFirst 0 Verified

12:02 Jul 17, 2014

Thank you Unicef Glasgow and Jane McCormick #PutChildrenFirst Jane a charity fundraiser travelled to Papua New Guinea to see how UNICEF is helping... More Information » « Less Information

Papua New Guinea

Coláiste Lurgan Gaelic version of Royals 0 Verified

14:52 Jul 12, 2014

Just wow! grateful for Coláiste Lurgan Gaelic version Lorde’s Royals entitled Ríoga as Gaeilge. More Information » « Less Information

Inverin, County Galway, Connacht, Ireland

thankyou for being so thunderous! 0 Verified

14:44 Jul 12, 2014

"you guys i had so much fun performing my first sydney show last night. thankyou for being so thunderous!" More Information » « Less Information

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

sharing 0 Verified

13:36 Jul 12, 2014

when I had money and a good job I shared with everybody now I am broke, but special people are sharing with me #Karma #grateful More Information » « Less Information

United States of America

BabyCat & Darren Miller Photo 0 Verified

11:01 Jul 12, 2014

Grateful for BabyCat's face & for the photogeaphy of Darren Miller - bringing out the best parts of what he sees BabyCat photo copyright... More Information » « Less Information

San Francisco

grateful for abundance the Universe provides 0 Verified

10:47 Jul 12, 2014

I am thrilled to be calling the East Bay HOME! I am moving into a super sweet house in North Berkeley at the end of the month. It's the... More Information » « Less Information

North Berkeley, , California, 94709

K-i-s-s-i-n-g 0 Verified

21:59 Jul 06, 2014

Happy International Kissing Day. Grateful for all the kisses I've ever gotten or given. More Information » « Less Information

United Kingdom

Rachel Carson "Silent Spring" 0 Verified

15:38 Jul 06, 2014

GRATEFUL for her environemntal leadership and the resilience that led Rachel Carsn to finish her magnum opus despite ill health, pain and fatigue.... More Information » « Less Information


Banana Splt 0 Verified

23:03 Jul 05, 2014

invented 110 years ago, still perfect. Bless you, David Evans Strickler of David Evans StricklerPharmacy, 805 Ligonier Street, Latrobe, Pennsylvania. More Information » « Less Information

805, Ligonier Street, Latrobe

France's gift of Statue of Liberty 0 Verified

14:00 Jul 05, 2014

"Thank you, France, for creating such a beautiful and enduring symbol of our burgeoning democracy - E pluribus unum" -meta ‏@metaquest... More Information » « Less Information

Paris, France

FDR soil conservation 0 Verified

19:18 Jul 04, 2014

"The Nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself." -Franklin Delano Roosevelt Dust storms in the 1930s were so bad 'black... More Information » « Less Information


Grandpa (born on the 4th of July) 0 Verified

19:01 Jul 04, 2014

Grateful for ths memory: Every July 4th my grandfather would get liquored up and sing, "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy A Yankee Doodle,... More Information » « Less Information


Keisha Thomas 0 Verified

13:24 Jul 02, 2014

Grateful to Keisha Thomas for protecting a man from a mob--even though he may have been a white supremicist at a Klan rally she'd come... More Information » « Less Information

Ann Arbor

WHYY 0 Unverified

19:36 Jul 01, 2014

grateful for public radio, and for WHYYYs resolution to "Spend more time appreciating" its members More Information » « Less Information

Independence Mall West

other people's gardens 0 Verified

15:46 Jul 01, 2014

walking by so many beautiful gardens and yards these days- am grateful to all the gardeners who plant and tend them, t's a lot of hard... More Information » « Less Information

United States of America

Kathy Paulson 0 Unverified

12:44 Jul 01, 2014

Staten Island's Best Export since the free ferry More Information » « Less Information

Staten Island

Coach Yeager 0 Verified

12:10 Jul 01, 2014

thanks Coach Yeager great soccer camp More Information » « Less Information

Lynchburg, Virginia

Scott 0 Verified

12:08 Jul 01, 2014

thanks for the ride and every other thing you do, you are such a great guy/father/husband/brother/son/citizen/teacher/poker player More Information » « Less Information


Water balloon fight 0 Verified

12:04 Jul 01, 2014

fun playing Water balloon fight Thanks great idea. More Information » « Less Information

Charlottesville, Virginia

World Cup 0 Verified

12:02 Jul 01, 2014

Rooting for our team (USA!) but happy for all the players and fans. #WorldCup2014 More Information » « Less Information

SP, Southeast Region, Brazil

Football Belgique 0 Verified

11:45 Jul 01, 2014

merci pour jouer dur et apporter votre plaisir des passionnés de la Coupe du Monde More Information » « Less Information

King Baudouin Stadium, Belgium

Tim! 0 Verified

11:35 Jul 01, 2014

Happy Birthday Tim. What can't you do? More Information » « Less Information

418, Curie Boulevard, University City

Baby Goats (doelings) 0 Verified

14:07 Jun 20, 2014

Grtaeful for baby goats, the mracle of birth, family farms, and these gorgeous pics by Laura Duda capturing all the magic. More Information » « Less Information

Brookvalley Farm,

#WorldRefugeeDay #DiaMundialdelRefugiado 0 Verified

11:20 Jun 20, 2014

"Refugees are among the most vulnerable people in the world." --United Nations There are more dislpaced people around the World today... More Information » « Less Information

United Nations

Marya Howell 0 Verified

11:53 Jun 18, 2014

This dot's for Marya Howell's initiating a spontaneous late night catch-up call with college bestie Cecily Craighill Grateful for... More Information » « Less Information

Davidson County, North Carolina, United States of America


22:40 Jun 17, 2014

Thanks for all the laughter. New Yorker cartoonist "drew close to fourteen hundred cartoons for The New Yorker...continuing right through... More Information » « Less Information

Condé Nast Building New York

Dale Wheelock & Backyard Chickens 0 Unverified

21:39 Jun 17, 2014

Grateful for this guy. Dale Wheelock hosts free "Ask a Poultry Farmer" discussions for beginners lokoing to raise chickens in their... More Information » « Less Information

Darien, Wisconsin

Ice Cream Truck 0 Unverified

23:29 Jun 15, 2014

Summer grateful for Mr. Softee. You hear the bell or the music, grab your money or your parents and there is the ice cream right out front. More Information » « Less Information

Runnemede, New Jersey

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