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02:33 Aug 17 2014 South Glastonbury

I wake up every single day grateful for my good health, my friends and family, and a safe and peaceful community, so I'm going to try to focus on the simple things that happen throughout the day.
1. Tonight at the mall my son parted with me for a few minutes to browse at Game Stop. When I went into the store to look for him I didn't see him and started to do the old concerned Mom walk in and out of the store. A young guy (maybe college age?) approached me and asked if I was looking for a young kid--that he was kneeling on the floor looking at games in the back of the store. It turned out it was my son. I love when strangers are so awesome!
2. My other son went to the mall with a friend and bought me a sweet pair of earrings for no reason. I think he still likes me even though his teenage self would never admit it.
3. I got a snail mail letter from a friend. There's so little mail in the box these days that I love getting a real letter.
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