Kindness in Brussels, Belgium

01:13 Jan 2 2013 City of Brussels, Belgium

I was on a business travel about 10 years ago in Brussels, I tried to check into a hotel late in the evening in Oudenaarde (an hour drive from Brussels) and found that my passport was missing. I called the Limo driver who had dropped me off at the hotel. He calmly stopped his car, checked and told me it was not there. He then checked at a hotel where I stayed the previous night and the office I had visited earlier in the day. He called me to ask a few questions on my whereabouts in that office that day and finally found it on a chair in a conference room I had used. I truly think of this person to be remarkable and went out of his way (missing his child's perfornmance at school) to help me out. He wins my "going beyond" award. He had just saved me from a "nightmarish trip" to US Consulate and explaining that I am of Indian origin but holding US passport and losing it in Europe, yeah they would belive me.

--Santa Clara
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