Stranger in the Night

09:38 Dec 7 2013 Siālkot, Pakistan

A few years ago, my family and I attended a wedding in another city. It was winters and we got pretty late driving home. Our car broke down on the outskirts of the city and home was quite far away (about 40 km). To add to the problem at hand, there was no help to be found for miles. We called our relatives and they came to our rescue with the tools required for towing our car. We got as far as the next town before the rope broke. Because it was past midnight and the winter season, everything was closed. We were discussing what to do when a total stranger came from no where and offered his 'chadar' (warm cloth used to cover oneself with, pretty much like a thin blanket, only large enough for one person)to tow the car with. To this day, I'm grateful to that stranger who offered his only warm clothing that very very cold night. I send up a prayer for him every now and then. Without his help, we would have had to stay in the car in the blistering cold night.
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