13:54 Jan 1 2013 Centreville

I am grateful for having my Dad here with us in 2013.

I am grateful for the opportunities to give back to my community.

I am grateful for my mom and my sister who always are my rocks!!
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Coffee on my deck in the rain how much better can it get?

01:35 Aug 14, 2011

fairfax, va, 10.63 Kms

My sweet, sweet son made me breakfast in bed.

12:19 Aug 04, 2014

Fairfax, Fairfax City, Virginia, United States of America, 10.63 Kms

Love Love and more Love

13:11 Jan 01, 2013

Fairfax, 10.63 Kms

grateful for the beautiful place I live

23:12 Jan 03, 2013

Manassas, VA, USA, 10.73 Kms

#Grateful on Twitter

13:39 Feb 28, 2013

E, Willard Road, Sully Plantation, Fairfax County, Virginia, 20120, United States of America, 11.75 Kms