11:45 Jan 1 2013 Santa Barbara, CA, USA

I am grateful for cherished friends, old and new. I am grateful to live in a beautiful place, to have the health that allows me to explore the natural surroundings, and to have work I love, which enables me to thrive here. Very grateful for the opportunity for growth carried in each person and experience I encounter.
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Grateful for my son and pets.

13:35 Mar 09, 2013

Goleta, CA, USA, 11.99 Kms

Grateful for my parents

12:02 Jan 01, 2013

Santa Ynez, CA, USA, 41.06 Kms

I am grateful for my two granddaughters.

13:17 Jan 01, 2013

Oxnard Shores, 49.13 Kms

#Grateful on Twitter

06:32 Feb 19, 2013

West 2nd Street, Ventura, California, 93030, United States of America, 53.13 Kms


16:33 Sep 14, 2021

Oxnard, 53.92 Kms