“Today is the anniversary of that miracle”

13:58 Jun 6 2017 Hahnemann Hospital

“Today is the anniversary of that miracle”
The first time our mother died she was 27. She’d just given birth. A postpartum hemorrhage stopped her heart. The room filled. A clatter of machines as doctors & nurses scrambled to revive her. Mother lost so much blood her veins collapsed. Docs pumped in new blood, watching helplessly as she lost that blood too. She heard them say "I think we've lost her."

Somehow she was saved. Mum survived. So did the baby, whom she named Jane. Jane was sweet and funny and fair-minded. She bakes pies and has a big job. Mum loved Jane best. We all did.

In 2015 Jane spotted a man fall dead to the pavement. She leapt out of the car and began #CPR, pumping til her arms ached, breathing life into a stranger’s mouth. Jane revived him. His heart stopped again. The more he died the harder Jane worked, keeping him alive til the ambulance came. That man is still alive today.

The second time our mother died she was 74. We got to grow up with a mom because doctors and nurses saved her life - the life of a stranger - when she was 27. Today is the anniversary of that miracle. Her daughter Jane grew up to save a stranger’s life, another miracle. And so it goes. There is so much good to see once we decide to notice. Happy Birthday Saint Jane! We love the world with you in it. #SeeTheGood

Joan Lewis'life and death inspired the World Gratitude Map. Grateful to the doctors and nurses who saved her at 27.
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