near misses and helpers in Nice

16:54 Jul 15 2016 Nice, Maritime Alps, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Metropolitan France, 06000;06100;06200;06300, France

near misses and helpers in Nice near misses and helpers in Nice near misses and helpers in Nice
"Sure, we can strain to find the 'positive'. Be grateful it wasn't worse. Thankful for the brave police, for the skilled doctors and nurses. We can focus on the heroism. But in the grand scheme of things, there is nothing good about what happened in Nice. Absolutely no good at all.
No, the good lies in what comes next."

Horrific attack in Nice spurs gratitude on Twitter (search #nice + 'grateful' you'll see them too)

Imad Dafaaoui' Eyewitness of the #Nice attack grateful to be alive after truck plowed into crowd, missing him by less than 8 inches"
ES Abroad ‏@IESabroad 12m12 minutes ago
We’re so grateful that all of our staff and faculty in Nice are safe. Our hearts are with you, #Nice.
Sarah ‏@SHED8888 18m18 minutes ago
I often complain or feel low about life, then I see the news & I'm reminded that I still HAVE my life & I'm grateful, problems & all. #Nice
renchie ‏@shazzer42000 3h3 hours ago
Frenchie Retweeted Frenchie
Hugo has been found. Thank you to everyone that RT the pic. Truly grateful. #Nice #Nice06
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