Glad child labor laws took boys out of the coal mines

16:46 Aug 18 2011 pittston, pa, usa

Glad child labor laws took boys out of the coal mines
This picture from LIFE Magazine made me glad child labor laws took boys out of the coal mines:
Breaker Boys1910

What Charles Dickens did with words for the underage toilers of London, Lewis Hine did with photographs for the youthful laborers in the United States. In 1908 the National Child Labor Committee was already campaigning to put the nation’s two million young workers back in school when the group hired Hine. The Wisconsin native traveled to half the states, capturing images of children working in mines, mills and on the streets. Here he has photographed “breaker boys,” whose job was to separate coal from slate, in South Pittston, Pa. Once again, pictures swayed the public in a way cold statistics had not, and the country enacted laws banning child labor.
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