Crystal is out of rehab

14:56 Jan 25 2014 Ronald McDonald House

Crystal is out of rehab
UPDATE: Crystal is out of rehab and doing outpatient pt and ot while Lainee is still in pensacola. Today she walked 300 ft with no help or a walker. YAHOO

Lainee is almost consistently taking about 1 oz from the bottle from crystal during feedings. She weighted in at 6 lb 10 oz. Lainee will not be discharged until she can take every feeding by bottle, and pass the car seat test. The speech team has looked Lainee over and there is nothing physically wrong with her, just lazy, and her sucking reflex is not all the way in. We have to keep remembering she was not due until Feb. 5th.

Jared and Crystal are staying at the ronald Mcdonald house. Close by Lainee and rehab.
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