Just made our 25th microloan via Kiva It felt great!

13:07 Feb 17 2013 Kulundu, Tajikistan

Just made our 25th microloan via Kiva It felt great!
Just made our 25th microloan via Kiva.org It felt great! Thanks for imagining such a simple and effective way to make the world better, especially for women.

"Bubuazipa is a 59-year-old woman, married and a pensioner. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, like the majority of the people from her village, she was left alone with the problems from that era and she received a parcel of land.

In search of a source of income, she and her family started their own animal husbandry and field crop farming business in 1993. Thanks to her hard work, the family's business now consists of two dairy cows, 10 sheep, one calf, three working horses and a parcel of land where they grow potatoes and wheat.

In order to further develop her business, Bubuazipa has turned to Bai Tushum & Partners for a loan of 100,000 som (KGS). She will use this loan to buy some young bulls.

She plans to invest part of the proceeds from this loan to feed her livestock while the rest will be used to repair her house."
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