Wyatt Gallery's work in Haiti after the earthquake

19:34 Jan 26 2013 Haiti

Wyatt Gallery's work in Haiti after the earthquake
Shout out to Wyatt Gallery for documenting tent life in Haiti after the earthquake to help raise awareness of struggles and needs, and to celebrate the culture that endured, despite.

Wyatt's book Tent Life is beautiful and sad and inspiring all at once.

"In beautiful, inspirational portraits of dignity and determination, Wyatt Gallery’s photography book, Tent Life: Haiti (April 2011) shows us the reality of Haitian living almost a year after the “worst natural calamity to befall any one country in modern times.” The 1.5 million Haitians who lost their homes in January 2010 still overwhelmingly live in tent cities, and the promised billions in foreign aid have yet to materialize."
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