Grateful for those who know me best

13:19 Jan 20 2013 Huntsville, AL, USA

I am a solitary creature by nature, and getting more so every year (sometimes every day). I occasionally get so into my own head that I forget how to talk to people outside of work. But my family and closest friends are always there to talk and listen, and are even happy to hear from me even when I consider myself to be a cranky S.O.B. No idea why, but I greatly appreciate them.
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Thank you, Leo Fender!

13:13 Jan 01, 2013

Huntsville, AL, USA, 0 Kms

So grateful

13:09 Jan 01, 2013

Huntsville, AL, USA, 0 Kms

a positive, high-tech future!

13:03 Apr 12, 2013

Huntsville, AL,, 0 Kms

got my bags. Thanks USAirways

03:20 Mar 02, 2013

Tennessee, USA, 87.52 Kms

#Grateful on Twitter

16:21 Feb 07, 2013

Tito's Mexican Restaurant, 4886, Lovell Lane, New Town, Maury, Tennessee, 37174, United States of America, 115.67 Kms