burst of gratefulness/happiness at the intersection of Golden Sky Lane and Sand Lake Road

18:23 Jan 2 2013 Orlando, FL, USA

I was at the intersection of Golden Sky Lane and Sand Lake Road in Orlando, FL around 3:45 ish yesterday and had a burst of gratefulness/happiness. My fiancée was singing softly in the car the same way her dad does. It reminded me of this just passed Christmas Eve; I was in the kitchen cooking with her and her parents when her dad started to sing the same soft rumbly way she had just been singing. It was such a nice moment and I felt so fortunate to be about to join a loving, stable family, especially since not everyone in the LGBT community has the family support that me and my partner have. I feel very, very privileged.

I think this gratitude map is phenomenal. I often have moments where I want to share the things I am grateful for, but I don't want to seem boastful and I get too preoccupied to put it down in a journal. Thank you.

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