awe and gratitude

01:38 Jan 3 2013 Salt Creek Rd., Dallas, OR 97338, USA

Standing outside in the clear, cold, dark of night with my beloved husband star-gazing and saw an enormous shooting star illuminate the sky right over our heads. We gasped "ahhh!" and bubbled with giggles. He enfolded my hand in his and whispered, "I love you so". The universe is a magical place when surrounded with love.
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10:31 Jan 02, 2013

Salem, 22.35 Kms

so thankful

01:02 Jan 03, 2013

Salem, Oregon, Saginaw St S, 22.35 Kms

Grateful! for my Aunt Jean nd my protector, Dad

22:47 Jan 03, 2013

Salem, OR, USA, 22.35 Kms


13:14 Jan 01, 2013

Albany, OR, USA, 35.58 Kms

Ladies help push start a truck

13:52 Jan 01, 2013

Northwest 9th Street, Corvallis, OR 97330, USA, 37.69 Kms